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Leadership, Service, Dedication

  • Linda was raised in a family who embraced hard work, valued public education and had a lot of fun! Dinner was spent in lively conversations and debate about issues of the day and dedication to country. Her mother dedicated herself as a successful special education teacher/counselor, and her father was a school superintendent in a low socioeconomic district. Linda has three sisters that served to provide her with an enriched perspective on life. 
  • As a result of her parents, Linda knew early in her life that civil service was a noble calling and must be focused on what is best for all.
  • Linda worked in the agricultural industry for ten years among people of great diversity, learning the value of hard work, determination and leadership. She started as a field worker, picking strawberries and over the years, worked into leadership positions as a result of her ability to inspire. These experiences have served to guide her throughout her life and will serve her well in being an effective champion of the people in our state as a your senator.
  • Linda graduated high school with academic honors and after being awarded “Student Leader of the Year” by the local Rotary Club. The next year Linda embarked on a successful academic career at the following universities:
  1. Washington State University: Cum Laude, Bachelor of Arts Degree, Double Major.
  2.  Oregon State University: Summa Cum Laude, Masters of Arts Degree, Counseling Intervention.
  3.  University of Oregon: Magna Cum Laude, Administration Degree.
  4.  Stanford University: Research Based, Data Driven, Best Practice Educational Assessment, Improvement and Reform.
  • Linda is a retired 32 year Educator, highly respected and notably regarded as a successful leader, innovative change maker and strategic planner:

 She served as a High School Teacher and was awarded “Teacher of the Year” for her ability to inspire her students.  

 As a High School Intervention Counselor, Linda proved to be extremely successful in guiding students, teachers and parents into successful academic and personal pursuits.

As a High School Administrator, Linda was renown for leading high schools into strategically planned improvement that increased test scores/academic performance and reduced the student dropout rate.

  • As a Assistant Principal, Linda was awarded "Administrator of the Year”.

While a School Principal, Linda resigned from her dream job after a debilitating health event.  She participated in a Clinical Trial at Emory University/Medicine in which she underwent a 16 hour brain surgery that cured her illness. Linda knows that adequate and accessible healthcare is a right. Her own health issues have led her to commit to be an advocate for all. Without such a promise, it is impossible for Arizonans to live productive lives.

 Throughout her life, Linda has been a successful example of courage, leadership and success.  She has always demonstrated how one individual can make a positive difference in the lives of others.  She values facts and justice for all, not shaded truths and the interests of a few.

Linda Patterson will provide legislation that promises to fight for you and bring a new voice in our state into the Arizona State Legislature.








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