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Whether it’s fair wages or access to healthcare or education or climate change or unfair special interests: our government is not meeting Arizonans needs!  Government was designed to provide necessary service to its people. It needs to do so in the future!


In some cases (-certainly where the present incumbent is involved) government is actually exploiting and oppressing the families we are supposed to protect.

We can do better!


It is a crisis of our state character and it is threatening to pull our state apart!

 Linda will do better!


If we’re going to restore our commitment to our values -compassion, justice, equality, community - we have to recognize that the Arizona political system and democratic institutions are not fixing this dysfunction, they are protecting it.  They are making the problems worse.

We will do better!


So we can’t talk about the most pressing reforms we need- on the economy, healthcare, education, climate change —without talking about the unfair political structures used to quite literally hold them hostage. We will do better!


There are a lot of issues at play here, from voter suppression to gerrymandering to the negative influences of special interests to a lack of civility...we need to take them all on!


Linda has a plan!

  • End the Dirty Money and the domination of special interests in state government.
  • Put a stop to gerrymandering that produces a legislative district like ours in LD11 that is one of the largest in the state and gerrymandered to suppress the voices of our residents.
  •  Play fair...put a stop to laws that are designed to suppress the passing laws that make it more difficult for a voter to vote and confusing rules that cause voters to misunderstand the process of casting their votes! We have too much at stake to alienate our voters. We will do better!

Think of it this way - the last two Republican presidents have taken office without winning the popular vote.  In Arizona, Republicans have unfairly designed a voter suppression system that favors them. In these situations, unfair laws have been passed that take away the rights of Arizonans.

And some wonder why so many Arizonans feel like their voices do not matter!


It is time to fix what is broken in state government and amplify to voices of voters in our state!


As your Arizona State Senator, I promise you I will change these practices!  I am dedicated to serve the majority of Arizonans and not the indulgent ways of the minority in power.

 Most sincerely,



































































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